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Project structure

The following table lists the folders found within a typical ResourceSpace installation.

Folder path Contents
/api Endpoint for the ResourceSpace API
/api/iiif Endpoint for the IIIF API
/batch Contains scripts designed to be accessed offline
/css Contains all presentation style sheets
/dbstruct Files that define the database structure and default data
/documentation Contains licenses and a link to this Knowledge Base
/filestore Created during installation; contains the resource files themselves stored at scrambled paths - can optionally be stored at another location outside of the web root e.g. on a NAS or similar
/filestore/tmp Temporary files created during certain operations, e.g. preparing a zip for download
/gfx Contains image files used by the ResourceSpace UI
/iccprofiles Contains default colour profiles used for processing uploaded image files
/include PHP files defining functions or specific areas of functionality
/include/job_handlers PHP files for offline jobs
/languages All of the language strings in the ResourceSpace UI, defined for all supported languages, one PHP file per language. "en.php" is used as a fallback if there are missing entries for the selected language.
/include/job_handlers PHP files for offline jobs
/lib Third party libraries
/pages PHP files for the ResourceSpace UI. All files should contain presentation output and logic only with functions in /include doing the core work.
/plugins ResourceSpace plugins included by default. Users can upload additional plugins in the form of .RSP files (a tarred/gzipped plugin folder) and these go in the /filestore folder.
/templates Templates used for creating PDF files, for contact sheets and resource metadata sheets.
/tests Automated testing for use by developers. "test.php" should be executed from the command line and the tests in test_list are executed one at a time against a temporary filestore and database.
/upgrade Scripts required to upgrade the system from various versions - these are executed automatically as needed