Protect and secure files with advanced privacy settings.

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Permissions you control

With ResourceSpace, you can always monitor and oversee the viewing and use of your assets. Assess and approve user uploads, allocate access, and generate secure URLs for third party sharing.

Enterprise Single Sign-On

Tested with Microsoft Active Directory and Oracle Directory servers, the LDAP plugin allows users to log into ResourceSpace using the same credentials that they use to log on to computers on the network of your organisation. ResourceSpace supports a large number of single sign-on solutions using our SimpleSAML plugin.

For full details on this plugin, visit the Knowledge Base.

Configure for multiple user privacy

Within ResourceSpace, you can enable multiple users whose resources are kept private from each other. This allows you to create an exclusive environment where collections of assets can be divided from the central hub and given their own restricted access, ideal if you are an individual working across a number of separate client accounts.

To fully partition your ResourceSpace system, instructions can be found in the Knowledge Base.