Work more efficiently by integrating ResourceSpace with the other systems you rely on.

File preview and conversion

ResourceSpace provides file previews and conversion for hundreds of image, video and document formats, including page-by-page browsing of PDFs, and automatically generating web-ready video previews.

Direct download

Resources can be directly downloaded to the user’s computer in the custom size, quality and format that’s required – there’s no need to open third party editing software, as these simple conversion tasks can be carried out in-app.


To retain authority over ownership, watermarks such as logos can be placed over images. Watermarked images can then be displayed instead of the usual thumbnails or previews for selected user groups.

For instructions on implementing watermarks, visit the Knowledge Base.

Automatically transcode

ResourceSpace can automatically transcode your uploaded files to different formats, resolutions, DPI and bit-rates as required – save time by providing your staff with the format they need.