ResourceSpace 10.3 - 22nd January 2024

Code Feature Development status
q12624 Change graphing library from Flot to Chart.js   Completed (view log)
q13163 Extend OpenAI integration with multimodal support   Completed (view log)
q13154 Configurable download.php API key expiry time   Completed (view log)
q13148 Whitelist of API functions available via native/JS mode   Completed (view log)
q13141 E-mail rate limiting   Completed (view log)
q13099 Update resource_log_last_rows() API call to allow filtering by multiple log codes and metadata fields   Completed (view log)
q13091 Image Banks - search other ResourceSpace systems   Completed (view log)
q13083 Remove "Sync with field" functionality   Completed (view log)
q13076 Add severity levels to get_system_status()   Completed (view log)
q13037 Upload watermark file via System configuration area   Completed (view log)
q12989 Daily email for all outstanding actions   Completed (view log)
q12964 Progressive Web App   Completed (view log)
q12906 Category tree UI improvements   Completed (view log)
q12903 Format string to generate download filenames   Completed (view log)
q12857 Combine Simple Search and Browse Bar area   Completed (view log)
q12661 High contrast mode user setting   Completed (view log)
q12543 Update IIIF to support API 3.0 spec   Completed (view log)
q13176 Add get_featured_collections() API call   Completed (view log)
q13149 PHP 8.3 compliance   Scoping

ResourceSpace 10.4 - 25th June 2024

Code Feature Development status
q12832 Minimum preview generation at upload   Waiting to be scheduled
q10402 Add UnSplash to Image Banks   Waiting for go-ahead
q13124 Improvements to display of multiple related resources   Waiting for go-ahead
q12597 OCR plugin   Waiting for go-ahead
q13092 Remove ResourceConnect   Waiting for go-ahead
q12792 Integrity check on original file (without requiring checksums enabled)   Waiting for go-ahead
q12869 API throttling   Waiting for go-ahead
q12899 Ability to deprecate field options   Waiting for go-ahead
q13137 Improvements to Wildcard searching   Waiting for go-ahead
q12705 Improve code and have a consistent workflow when processing files   Waiting for go-ahead
q12902 Improve consistency with autosave behaviour and clicking the 'Save' button   Waiting for go-ahead
q12023 Envelope icon in the top bar for new messages   Scoping
q13131 Content area for Branding guidelines   Scoping
q12927 Better logging and progress tracking   Scoping
q12909 Consent plugin improvements   Scoping
q12851 Rename of admin/system files and folders   Scoping
q12764 Images/icons for metadata nodes   Scoping
q12748 Add new Video Splice trimming permission   Scoping
q12681 Exif - allow processing dates separated by colons   Scoping
q12562 Add more configuration options into the System Configuration page   Scoping
q12513 Enforce offline previews for all videos   Scoping
q12512 Remove multi-page PDF preview functionality   Scoping
q13172 Resource view page UI improvements   Scoping