Version 9.2 - 24th February 2020

Feature Funding status Development status
Add orientation as an option on media search Suggestion   ETA 08 Jan, 10% complete
Improved admin walkthrough Seeking funding/contributors
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Change user email - allow users to see their email address used in ResourceSpace and also allow them to change if necessary Seeking funding/contributors
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Adding paging and sorting to my messages Montala fully funding   Scoping
Add workflow actions to batch edit page Montala fully funding   Scoping
Maintenance mode except for certain user groups (e.g. Super Admin) Montala fully funding N/A
Add a means by which collections can be deleted in bulk. This is a pain for many admins (and us) Montala fully funding   Scoping
Featured Collections Overhaul Phase 2 Montala fully funding   Scoping
Switch StaticSync to use resource type extension mapping configuration Montala fully funding   Waiting to be scheduled
Replace download page with direct download Montala fully funding   ETA 14 Jan, 30% complete
Collection "undo" and/or restore state Montala fully funding   Completed
API - named parameters Montala fully funding   Scoping
Reports are attached as a zipped CSV when over a certain size, when e-mailing reports Montala fully funding   Waiting to be scheduled
Move autorotate checkbox from upload(edit) page to user preference Montala fully funding   Scoping
Change password hash to use PBKDF2 if present (depending on PHP version) Montala fully funding   Scoping
Multiple workflow states can be configured for live search Montala fully funding N/A
For archived assets, restrict download to request only - currently doesn't allow restrictions on states Montala fully funding N/A
Filter bar allows further refinement of search results Montala fully funding   Completed
Duplicate metadata field name/shortname warning Montala fully funding   ETA 07 Jan
Faster AJAX editing of fields from view page Montala fully funding N/A
Hover over dash tiles for edit options, as per featured collections Montala fully funding   Completed and waiting to be invoiced
Batch edit of resources directly from search results Montala fully funding   Scoping
Read-only database user for improved security Montala fully funding   ETA 16 Dec, 10% complete
Search enhancement - suggest alternative search criteria only when those suggestions produce results Montala fully funding   Completed

Next 6 to 12 months

Feature Funding status Development status
Improved date field Seeking funding/contributors
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What's new in this release Seeking funding/contributors
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Content capability for pages Seeking funding/contributors
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System tray uploader Seeking funding/contributors
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Creative project workflow Seeking funding/contributors
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Improved keyword highlighting based on the index matches rather than a simple string match as at present. Seeking funding/contributors
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Add SMTP config to system config page. Add check of SMTP server credentials to installation check Montala fully funding
Refactor of dash tiles to improve performance for user group / everyone tiles Montala fully funding
Rights Management upgrades Montala co-funding