ResourceSpace 10.4 - 29th July 2024

Code Feature Development status
q13159 Remove $video_preview_hls_support   Completed (view log)
q13285 Option to make password on share links mandatory   Completed (view log)
q13279 Ability to update Access and Status using the CSV upload plugin   Completed (view log)
q13278 Default expiry for share links   Completed (view log)
q13232 SAML authentication via API   Completed (view log)
q13221 Show existing values when bulk editing.   Completed (view log)
q13210 Remove e-commerce functionality and discount_code plugin   Completed (view log)
q13204 Installation check page improvements   Completed (view log)
q13192 IIIF support for video and audio files   Completed (view log)
q13172 Resource view page UI improvements   Completed (view log)
q12748 Add Download option to Video Splice plugin   Completed (view log)
q13149 PHP 8.3 compliance   Completed (view log)
q13137 Improvements to wildcard searching   Completed (view log)
q13124 Improvements to display of multiple related resources   Completed (view log)
q13092 Remove ResourceConnect   Completed (view log)
q13053 Unoserver integration and deprecation of unoconv   Completed (view log)
q12899 Ability to deprecate field options   Completed (view log)
q12832 Minimum preview generation at upload   Completed (view log)
q12792 Integrity check on original file (without requiring checksums enabled)   Completed (view log)

ResourceSpace 10.5 - 14th November 2024

Code Feature Development status
q10402 Add UnSplash to Image Banks   Waiting to be scheduled
q12705 Improve code and have a consistent workflow when processing files   Waiting to be scheduled
q13114 Ability to set Username as email address when using account auto-creation; login with e-mail supported   Waiting to be scheduled
q12897 Changes to checking original file when loading view.php   Waiting for go-ahead
q12902 Improve consistency with autosave behaviour and clicking the 'Save' button   Waiting for go-ahead
q12513 Enforce offline previews for all videos   Scoping
q13250 Adapt Action Dates to watch the expiry of a consent or license   Scoping
q13218 Dark mode for ResourceSpace   Scoping
q13191 Prevent bypassing mandatory fields on upload then edit   Scoping
q13173 Display selected tags on search results page   Scoping
q13131 [10.5 MUST HAVE] Brand Guidelines area   Scoping
q13118 Check for SAML certificates due to expire on get_system_status()   Scoping
q13116 Unify annotations and comments   Scoping
q13113 Change formatted text fields to use TinyMCE rather than CKEditor   Scoping
q13102 Improve CSS reload key to rely on hash of SVN revision   Scoping
q13084 Change list style select inputs into checkboxes   Scoping
q12978 Improve view page rendering for keyword field types   Scoping
q12927 Better logging and progress tracking   Scoping
q12909 Consent plugin improvements   Scoping
q12562 Add more configuration options into the System Configuration page   Scoping
q13291 Add call to upload preview image via API   Scoping