Version 8.6 - mid September 2018

Feature Funding status Development status
Search external public image banks from within ResourceSpace Montala fully funding   Completed
UI overhaul including moving the search bar to the header, update of CSS, page view improvement, several other layout modifications. Montala fully funding   Completed
Colour picker tools for additional UI customisation Montala fully funding   Completed
Move Simple Search bar to the top of the screen and place metadata fields in filter area. Montala fully funding   ETA 24 Sep, 90% complete
New API call to assist with synchronising assets - queries the resource log for updates in a given time period Montala fully funding   Completed
PDF viewer with find capability Third party funding   Completed
Transcoding, reindexing scripts to use offline job queue Montala co-funding   ETA 26 Sep, 90% complete

Version 9.0 - early January 2019

Feature Funding status Development status
Change user email - allow users to see their email address used in ResourceSpace and also allow them to change if necessary Seeking funding/contributors
contact us
User group config options - like System Configuration but configurable at the user group level. Replaces the logo uploader, adds many more options. Seeking funding/contributors
contact us
Download as zip uses job queue Montala fully funding   ETA 26 Sep, 90% complete
Reports becomes part of Analytics and works in the same way so that lots of default filters (status, user group, etc.) can be applied to reports. Users then create their own reports based on metrics just as for Analytics. Montala fully funding
"Browse Bar" allows browsing of content by tag / featured collection / workflow state via a slide-out panel on the left displaying a folder structure. Montala fully funding
New mode on batch edit (like append, prepend, replace) called "Copy from field" - allows selection of another field. Batch edit altered so it works using a search string - users can batch edit any set of resources without having to add to a collection first. Montala fully funding   ETA 19 Nov
Search filter configuration to be much simpler using new UI for building filter rules. Montala fully funding   ETA 22 Oct, 20% complete

Next 6 to 12 months

Feature Funding status Development status
Improved date field Seeking funding/contributors
contact us
Content capability for pages Seeking funding/contributors
contact us
Creative project workflow Seeking funding/contributors
contact us
Improved keyword highlighting based on the index matches rather than a simple string match as at present. Seeking funding/contributors
contact us
Add SMTP config to system config page. Add check of SMTP server credentials to installation check Montala fully funding
Refactor of dash tiles to improve performance for user group / everyone tiles Montala fully funding
Rights Management upgrades Montala co-funding