Centralise digital asset storage and sharing for smooth-running marketing campaigns

We’ll keep your campaigns running

Product marketing has never been more challenging. You’re under constant pressure to produce new creative assets, tailored to every channel – digital and physical – at the same time as conveying a consistent brand message.

Don’t waste time managing multiple assets manually; ResourceSpace takes the pain out of saving, storing and sharing documents, images and videos. Our state-of-the-art Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution is designed to make it quicker and easier to run multi-channel campaigns – so you can concentrate on great creative and sharp strategies.

One brand, one voice

Too many companies make continuity errors in their product marketing, which ResourceSpace’s DAM software can eliminate.

With ResourceSpace, you can create standardised templates for your teams to follow, along with clearly labelled imagery for every product or campaign. Not only that, our solution features automatic image and video resizing, to ensure each asset is optimised for the channels it will be used across.

ResourceSpace also makes day-to-day life much easier, streamlining workflows so that members of staff can always find the document they need. And if they are having trouble, our speedy sharing and distribution features enable you to point them in the right direction – rather than waste valuable time looking in the wrong place.

ResourceSpace is an easy to use tool for managing all of our assets. It's simple and fast with a search capability that lets users easily find what they're looking for. We couldn't be happier with the product.

Sally Anderson, Director, Marketing Communications, Toshiba

Putting the precision into product marketing

ResourceSpace has been designed to help marketers create, store and share up-to-date product information across your business. However, the benefits of switching to our Digital Asset Management software extend way beyond file sharing:

  • Manage, review and approve user uploads for centralised working
  • Version control to ensure up-to-date images and information are used
  • Intelligent search options to locate documents quickly and easily
  • Automatic image and video resizing – no need for additional software
  • Secure external access to content, for use across multiple locations
  • Customisable interface to match the branding of your business
  • Open Source software for unlimited development potential

ResourceSpace is a fantastic tool that enables us to effectively collaborate internally and with external partners around the globe. We use it for everything from managing brochure production to hosting our branding portal. It is the most cost-effective system of its kind that I have ever come across. The customer support is honestly second to none which make it the perfect package.

Dean Clarke, Head of Group Digital Communications and Marketing, BAE Systems PLC

Creating featured collections

In addition to metadata for categorising assets in many different ways, ResourceSpace also offers a unique Featured Collections function. This enables you to bookmark resources that fit together for a particular product or campaign, making it easy to find corresponding assets – particularly if you’re using them again and again.

Because Featured Collections are not folders, you avoid duplicating documents on the system, and this also enables you to group different types of files – video, imagery and text – together.

We needed a self-service system, which didn’t involve our people spending time sourcing on their behalf. We've been really happy with the system - we couldn't be happier. It's user friendly, and everybody loves it.

To find out more about streamlining your marketing workflow with DAM software, read our blog:
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We've been really happy with the system - we couldn't be happier. It's user friendly, and everybody loves it.

Kendrin Geerdes, Senior Graphics Manager, TOMY

The collaboration during system planning, setup and testing was flawless, the costs were in line with the quote and the project was finished well inside the time frame.

Michael Gruat, IT Manager, Alber

Montala were very quick to understand the individual needs of RUSH Hair & Beauty as a business. They have provided a stable, reliable service through ResourceSpace, with an exceptionally easy roll-out. The platform is now an integral part of our daily practice!

Sujata Achuthan, Head Of IT, RUSH Hair & Beauty

We literally knew nothing about a DAM system. With their knowledgeable team and experience they held our hand the whole way with excellent results. Kudos to the ResourceSpace team!