Make collaboration happen by easily organising, sharing and distributing assets among colleagues.

Sharing made simpler

Emailing bulky files is a thing of the past, as ResourceSpace allows you to share assets both internally, and externally, without compromising security. You can also encourage the formation of collaborative communities by using shared resource collections.

Read more about sharing resources the Knowledge Base.

Let’s get social

ResourceSpace knows that sometimes you want to share your creativity with a wider audience, and that’s why we support easy publishing to social media channels; you can export to your favourite platforms, such as YouTube, WordPress, Flickr, Drupal, Joomla and many other CMS systems.

You can find out more about social sharing in the Knowledge Base.

Easily embed content

Once you’ve compiled the perfect collection of images or produced a show-stopping video, make your work available to view on external sites by embedding slideshows or video content. The Knowledge Base offers simple instructions on producing slideshows and embedding videos to third party sites.

A community that contributes

Your users can contribute resources, which can then be reviewed and approved by your designated admin. Once available to others, you’ll have a system of user-generated content that encourages members to participate.

Read more about this functionality in the Knowledge Base.