Make your installation your own with our countless options for in-app customisation, giving you the powerful features of ResourceSpace presented with your own visual brand identity

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ResourceSpace your way

Our system configuration area gives you control over your customisations, with a large amount of modifications achievable in-app. Use the My Preferences area to tailor your ResourceSpace experience to suit your needs.

Customisable user experience

Personalise the look of your ResourceSpace interface by changing your colours, header image, layout and more. This can be completed easily by via the settings in your admin dashboard.

Simple instructions can be found in the Knowledge Base.

DAM that has your name on it

Visual control over your ResourceSpace interface doesn’t end with the header. ResourceSpace supports many configuration options covering search results display, displayed text, and much more.

Free Download - The Complete Guide to Developing Your Brand Guidelines

Your brand is the face of your organization. Ensure its consistent and optimal representation across all platforms.

What's inside?

  • Understanding the essence of brand identity
  • Key steps for creating your brand guidelines
  • Importance of digital asset management in branding
  • Tips on file naming and storage protocols
  • Best practices for formatting on various platforms

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