Share images, documents and updates - anywhere in the world

When minutes matter, ResourceSpace will help you make a difference

When you’re running a charity, every moment counts. Your valuable resources need to be spent making a difference – not dealing with administrative burdens. You need an easy way to ensure your team can access, share and use important documents; whether they are at head office or out in the field.

ResourceSpace centralises and simplifies digital content storage, to help charitable organisations like yours run a seamless, well-coordinated operation. We understand that you may need to access a vital file or an essential image at a moment’s notice. That’s why we’ve created a Digital Asset Management solution that unites workforces across the world.

One vision, one voice

Many charities – particularly if they operate internationally – find themselves using multiple systems to manage their digital files. This can make sharing assets very challenging, and create situations where you’re not even aware of what images and information are available, let alone how you can access them.

ResourceSpace unites your entire organisation with a single, centralised Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. Users in any country can upload documents to the same online hub, and you can set category tags to make sure files are easily searchable.

Not only that, our filing system ensures you can look up essential information, quickly – like who to credit when using an official image.

ResourceSpace has been instrumental in streamlining our process for finding, sharing and properly crediting images. It's taken out the stress of not knowing the source of our digital assets. It's become a cornerstone of our digital strategy.

Dario Berrebi, Habitat for Humanity

Essential tools to help your charity grow

When you’re working in the not-for-profit sector, no two days the same. One minute it’s business as usual; the next you’re launching an emergency campaign.

ResourceSpace is built for responsiveness, so that you can rely on our platform to deliver the documents you need – even in high-pressure conditions. Our solution offers:

  • Instant access to digital documents anywhere in the world
  • Control over user uploads thanks to management, review and approval tools
  • A customisable interface to match your charity's branding
  • Digital condition reporting from any location
  • Secure external access to content
  • Open Source software for unlimited development potential

We can upload, share and store our best visual files across all our global channels for staff across the CARE world to instantly access – significantly improving our ability to respond in a coordinated manner, and at speed.

Secure sharing

We understand the volume of sensitive data your charity keeps, which is why ResourceSpace solutions are incredibly secure.

From permission controls to multiple user configuration, we will protect your most valuable files – so you can concentrate on making progress.

ResourceSpace has made our lives easier! From the slick design and intuitive feel to the speed at which the support team respond to problems, I can't recommend this product enough.

Jennifer Nolan, Overseas Communications Officer, Concern Worldwide

Case study: Care International

Leading charity CARE International has revolutionised the way it shares files and images across its staff network in 94 countries, with the support of ResourceSpace.

Speed and co-ordination is critical for the charity, which responds to humanitarian emergencies all over the world. Moving to a DAM system has enabled CARE International to quickly and efficiently find and share documents in any location – including out in the field.

The charity’s ResourceSpace platform now holds more than 21,000 images, accessed by 495 users.

To find out more about CARE International’s new digital sharing capabilities, read our case study.

I can't say enough about ResourceSpace; it is where some of our most powerful content lives, and we are able to organize, manage and make use of that content more effectively because of this invaluable system.

Rachel Ringgold, Communications Content Specialist, ChildFund International

With ResourceSpace our users can view high quality images fast and see different file formats, including SWF and audio files, in one place, and we can edit large amounts of data in one go! And their service team is quick and extremely helpful.

Stig S. Rasmussen, Danish Arctic Institute

The combination of ResourceSpace's flexibility and the support team's speed at resolving any issues that arise has revolutionised the efficiency of the Image Library service we are able to provide.

Margaret Chandler, Image Library Co-ordinator, Tearfund

Using ResourceSpace allows United Bible Societies to run a fully collaborative environment for storing and exchanging assets globally. We benefit from the fact that we can run the interface and metadata in three languages, representing each of our official languages.

Mary Frank, Fellowship Communications Officer, United Bible Societies

ResourceSpace was by far the most cost effective and fit for purpose system out of all the database options we looked into. It has proved to be an invaluable resource for the organisation, providing a professional, easy way to share images.

Amelia Collins, Creative Communications, Friends of the Earth

Only ResourceSpace was able to manage, archive, and preserve our diverse collection of media assets, including photos, high definition video from myriad camera sources and a multitude of graphics and document formats.

Nicole Martin, Multimedia Manager, Human Rights Watch

ResourceSpace has streamlined our content sharing which is extremely important when content is shared across over 40 countries. As ResourceSpace administrator it is extremely useful being able to review content uploaded before it goes live on the site.

Natasha Mulder, Content Curator, ActionAid International