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When minutes matter, ResourceSpace will help you make a difference

When you’re running a charity, every moment counts. Your valuable resources need to be spent making a difference – not dealing with administrative burdens. You need an easy way to ensure your team can access, share and use important documents; whether they are at head office or out in the field.

ResourceSpace centralises and simplifies digital content storage, to help charitable organisations like yours run a seamless, well-coordinated operation. We understand that you may need to access a vital file or an essential image at a moment’s notice. That’s why we’ve created a Digital Asset Management solution that unites workforces across the world.

Over a third of the clients we work with are charities. In fact, ResourceSpace was originally custom built for a specific charity - and they’re still clients today. It took off - quickly - and is now so popular there are thousands of users across the world from all different kinds of organisations. Not for profit is where it all started though and we’ve perfected the functionality to solve lots of the common problems that charities face.


Lots of our clients have stories or case studies about the work they’ve done with an individual or family. There’s usually a whole host of files associated with these case studies - photos, video, consent, documents - and ResourceSpace packages them all together nicely. They’ll be linked inherently through shared metadata but we also relate these files so regardless of which file you preview, you’ll see the thumbnails of all the other files from this case study - just there - ready to be viewed. Of course, ResourceSpace has the functionality to create very subtle permissions around who can and can’t see what - so you have complete control over which particular files are seen by which users.

ResourceSpace has been instrumental in streamlining our process for finding, sharing and properly crediting images. It's taken out the stress of not knowing the source of our digital assets. It's become a cornerstone of our digital strategy.

Dario Berrebi, Habitat for Humanity

One vision, one voice

Many charities – particularly if they operate internationally – find themselves using multiple systems to manage their digital files. This can make sharing assets very challenging, and create situations where you’re not even aware of what images and information are available, let alone how you can access them.

ResourceSpace unites your entire organisation with a single, centralised Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. Users in any country can upload documents to the same online hub, and you can set category tags to make sure files are easily searchable.

Not only that, our filing system ensures you can look up essential information, quickly – like who to credit when using an official image.

We can upload, share and store our best visual files across all our global channels for staff across the CARE world to instantly access – significantly improving our ability to respond in a coordinated manner, and at speed.

Secure sharing

We understand the volume of sensitive data your charity keeps, which is why ResourceSpace solutions are incredibly secure.

From permission controls to multiple user configuration, we will protect your most valuable files – so you can concentrate on making progress.


ResourceSpace makes it easy to keep control of your data and adhere to GDPR regulations. Any metadata field likely to contain sensitive data can be marked as such and, should you ever need to export your metadata, these marked fields will be specifically excluded from that export. What’s more, permissions allow specific fields to be hidden completely from certain users - they’ll never know they exist.

Consent and Expiry

Charities often handle very sensitive content and ResourceSpace is perfectly adapted to help you manage consent for these types of resources. Our Consent Management plugin allows you to store consent forms in the system and associate them easily with one or several resources so all the salient information is just there and easily accessible. For clients with very specific consent requirements, we can configure the system to display the specific fields you’d like, with the relevant consent details, against each resource. These can be managed with user permissions too, ensuring that the right information is shared with the right users.

Most importantly, ResourceSpace takes care of resources that you don’t have permission to use any more too. By watching a designated date field, the system will notify you a certain period of time before that date is reached - if it’s not extended, the system will automatically archive the resource, taking it out of search results and making sure no content gets used when it’s not supposed to be.

ResourceSpace has empowered our staff to find and access the content they need independently while allowing us to keep centralised control of assets and metadata.

Receiving files from external photographers or content producers

There’s no need for any third party file transfer software because ResourceSpace allows users to create external upload links - as many as they like - to send to contacts without an account on the system. They can then upload their content directly to the system and can add as much or as little metadata as you’d like them to as well. The files will only be visible to the person who created the upload link, and they can make changes and get rid of any they don’t want before making the rest live and accessible to general users. ResourceSpace is fully responsive and web based too: anyone can use it on their smart device from anywhere in the world.

Tracking usage

ResourceSpace has various ways to track how a resource has been used. The resource usage plugin allows a record to be kept against each resource, which can be completed each time the resource is used. Usage mediums can be configured based on your needs and users can leave a detailed description of their intended use too.

For a more general record, the system can also ask users to select their intended usage on download. This is recorded against the resource, making it easy to see how many times the resource has been used and for what purpose.

Each resource has a log, so you can see each time a resource has been downloaded and by whom. The log also records all changes made to a resource too.

The system also has the option to have users agree to your terms and conditions for each download - so they know exactly how files can be used.

Promoting new content

With conventional file storage it’s all too easy to fall into the habit of re-using the same images over and over again - the favourites. But with ResourceSpace, administrators can promote new content easily by adding it to a Featured Collection or pushing it to the users’ dash - so it’s the first thing they see when they log in. This will encourage colleagues not to rely on the same old images and keep your communications fresh and varied.

There’s much more to ResourceSpace, of course, so if you have a particular need that isn’t mentioned here just get in touch and we can run through any specific questions you have. On the other hand, if you’re not sure exactly what you need or how your setup will work, we’d be delighted to talk to you about what our other charity clients do to give you some inspiration!

ResourceSpace has made our lives easier! From the slick design and intuitive feel to the speed at which the support team respond to problems, I can't recommend this product enough.

Jennifer Nolan, Overseas Communications Officer, Concern Worldwide

Case study: Care International

Leading charity CARE International has revolutionised the way it shares files and images across its staff network in 94 countries, with the support of ResourceSpace.

Speed and co-ordination is critical for the charity, which responds to humanitarian emergencies all over the world. Moving to a DAM system has enabled CARE International to quickly and efficiently find and share documents in any location – including out in the field.

The charity’s ResourceSpace platform now holds more than 21,000 images, accessed by 495 users.

To find out more about CARE International’s new digital sharing capabilities, read our case study.

ResourceSpace has changed the way the DEC uses content, making it much easier for us to quickly make assets available both internally and externally during our emergency appeals.

Barney Guiton, Content Manager, Disasters Emergency Committee

The ResourceSpace team has been exceptionally good at support services. They make everything so convenient and efficient with the cutting edge technology. Kudos to the team.

Neelkant Pandhare, Senior Associate, Rainforest Alliance

The team at ResourceSpace have been a joy to work with, helping us manage what could've been a really difficult transition every step of the way.

Tom Flynn, Unicef

Fairtrade communications staff around the world really appreciate ResourceSpace. It's proven invaluable as a one-stop for sharing and storing all our images and brand assets. I don't know how we'd manage without it!

Vicky Pauschert, Communications, Fairtrade International

Montala have always provided us with excellent customer service and have a can-do attitude. They are proud of ResourceSpace and rightfully so as I believe it to be the best and most cost effective Digital Asset Management system currently on the market.

Keira Dempsey, Media Librarian, Plan International

The support service has always been superb, occasional problems are solved quickly. Help and advice is readily provided. Working with ResourceSpace is always a pleasure.

Tracey Cooper, Photo Library Coordinator, Blue Cross

ResourceSpace has made our lives easier! From the slick design and intuitive feel to the speed at which the support team respond to problems, I can't recommend this product enough.