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Make it easy to share files and images with students, staff and parents

Build an A+ communications network for your academic community

A lot of great work goes on within academic institutions, but it’s not always easy to communicate those results with the student body and parent network. To truly celebrate success, you need the right document and image sharing systems in place to ensure good news travels fast.

ResourceSpace makes it easy to share digital content at the click of a button – including photos and video content. From staff uploading official notifications, to students sharing their achievements and milestones, and parents engaging with their children, Digital Asset Management software is the most effective way to create an online academic community.

Secure file sharing solutions

Although it’s good to share, you want to make sure the right content is being seen by the right audience. The ResourceSpace platform features tight security controls, which enable authorised staff members to review and approve posts before they are published.

By adding this extra security filter, your school or college can encourage pupils to upload their own photos, videos and messages – saving you time while maintaining quality control and authority. Not only that, the solution can be hosted on-premise, to maximise privacy settings when saving files centrally.

Best-in-class features

ResourceSpace Digital Asset Management software supports files as rich and diverse as your school or college curriculum. Using it to manage, store and distribute your photographs, videos and documents offers many benefits, including:

  • Complete control – staff members can manage, review and approve user uploads
  • Secure external access to content – ideal for sharing updates with parents
  • Customisable interface to match the branding of your institution
  • Open Source software for unlimited development potential
  • On-premise hosting for maximum file privacy

Customisable for the classroom

Every school is different, which is why ResourceSpace can work with your organisation to customise our platform. We’ll make sure it’s tailored to support your needs, at the same time as being incredibly easy to use.

We are delighted with our new ResourceSpace image library. It is very intuitive to use, looks beautiful and is quite flexible so you can adapt it to how your particular organisation wants to work with it.

Rachel Harrison, Web Officer, St John's College, Oxford University

We have found ResourceSpace to be an excellent software product. It is powerful, flexible and so easy to use that our users require little training.

Jim Allison, Collection Developer, Williams College

ResourceSpace has been easy to learn and easy to use, is incredibly customisable, and creates real value the longer you use it. I see it as a system that will only continue to become more and more useful over time and I don't know what we would do without it!

Amy Voorhees, Library Director, Kent School

What has impressed us most is the huge amount of support that's readily available with solutions to our problems no matter how big or small.

Lisa Chadwick, Digitisation Manager, University for the Creative Arts

The layout is intuitive and easy to use!

Carol Visnapuu, Berkshire School

It's a cost-effective and flexible solution.

Steve Russell, Senior Design Manager, London Business School

With its flat file structure, the DAM is intuitive and simple to use. Now, all of our thousands of images are at our fingertips, easily findable whenever we need them. Plus, the customer service at ResourceSpace is outstanding