Make it easy to share files and images with students, staff and parents

Build an A+ communications network for your academic community

A lot of great work goes on within academic institutions, but it’s not always easy to communicate those results with the student body and parent network. To truly celebrate success, you need the right document and image sharing systems in place to ensure good news travels fast.

ResourceSpace makes it easy to share digital content at the click of a button – including photos and video content. From staff uploading official notifications, to students sharing their achievements and milestones, and parents engaging with their children, Digital Asset Management software is the most effective way to create an online academic community.

Secure file sharing solutions

Although it’s good to share, you want to make sure the right content is being seen by the right audience. The ResourceSpace platform features tight security controls, which enable authorised staff members to review and approve posts before they are published.

By adding this extra security filter, your school or college can encourage pupils to upload their own photos, videos and messages – saving you time while maintaining quality control and authority. Not only that, the solution can be hosted on-premise, to maximise privacy settings when saving files centrally.

I can decide that only the junior school can see these photos, or only the senior school or middle school can see these photos. Maybe marketing wants to control these photos, so only they can see them; I can control that via my user groups. And that’s probably the greatest difference from any of the other products out there…controlling the fact that nothing goes live unless I make it live.

Brad Tyrrell, Dean of Information and Learning Technologies, Scotch College

Best-in-class features

ResourceSpace Digital Asset Management software supports files as rich and diverse as your school or college curriculum. Using it to manage, store and distribute your photographs, videos and documents offers many benefits, including:

  • Complete control – staff members can manage, review and approve user uploads
  • Secure external access to content – ideal for sharing updates with parents
  • Customisable interface to match the branding of your institution
  • Open Source software for unlimited development potential
  • On-premise hosting for maximum file privacy

Parents actually get to see what happens at school; they can login and download photos themselves, at full high quality. When there’s an excursion, parents see students on that excursion, and we record footage of our assemblies every week.

Brad Tyrrell, Dean of Information and Learning Technologies, Scotch College

Customisable for the classroom

Every school is different, which is why ResourceSpace can work with your organisation to customise our platform. We’ll make sure it’s tailored to support your needs, at the same time as being incredibly easy to use.

If an event is going on and it’s a house event, I need to make sure uploaders can choose their school, sub-school, house, and whether or not it was a special event. I can customise all that to my heart’s content. The number of customisations you can make with it is endless. We don’t even scratch the surface of the number of things it could do.

Brad Tyrrell, Dean of Information and Learning Technologies, Scotch College

Case study: Scotch College

Western Australian boarding school, Scotch College, has revolutionised the parent/pupil/teacher communication network with ResourceSpace – enhancing the lives of its 1,500+ student body, including 130 live-in students.

By creating a collaborative and inclusive system, the school is now easily able to share images and videos from official events, so parents feel connected to their children’s education. Additionally, teachers can share class materials for use during homework or coursework.

Due to ResourceSpace’s security settings, all content is approved by school personnel before being published – ensuring it is age group appropriate and presents the school in a positive light.

To find out more about our best-in-class solution, read the full Scotch College case study here.

We are very pleased with the installation and technical support we receive. What a wonderful company to work with. I would recommend them to anyone who needs to organize and share their resources.

Janice Fox, System Administrator, Lake County Public Library

We are delighted with our new ResourceSpace image library. It is very intuitive to use, looks beautiful and is quite flexible so you can adapt it to how your particular organisation wants to work with it. The set-up service was particularly impressive and very efficient. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to other organisations.

Rachel Harrison, Web Officer, St John's College, Oxford University

It's great for making sure everyone can contribute to one shared space. One of the best features is being able to customise information down to whatever level I want for an upload.

Brad Tyrrell, Dean of Information and Learning Technologies, Scotch College

ResourceSpace has revolutionised the way our team works with photos. Besides being able to search for photos easily and quickly, we've found that features like Collections are very helpful for planning and collaboration within our team and across the organization. Each upgrade to the system brings valuable improvements. On the administrative end, the onboarding process and support team's help with setting up user groups and fine-tuning filters has been top notch. I don't think I've ever waited more than 24 hours for a solution from this extremely helpful and responsive team.

Linda Komori, Marketing & Communications, Thompson Rivers University

With ResourceSpace, we were able to create a centralized location for our extensive media asset library. Since we create large numbers of photos and videos every month, this has given TEEX a place for all employees to access new media. And the support while setting up and using the site has been superb.

Kathy Fraser, Video Operations Manager, Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX)