Don't just take our word for it. See how these organisations have seen real results with ResourceSpace.


TOMY needed a self-service system which didn’t involve their people spending time sourcing on their behalf. This is where ResourceSpace delivers.

The Ashmolean Museum

By integrating with their Collection Management System, ResourceSpace simplified the process for adding new objects and digital assets.


Oxfam, a leader in the fight against inequality, poverty and injustice, effectively manages its diverse and sensitive multimedia content with ResourceSpace, enhancing communication and impact across 85 countries.

Disasters Emergency Committee

Speed of search and ease of use has proved fundamental to the success of the DEC's ResourceSpace installation, especially during emergency appeals.

The Royal Parks

The flexible search options ResourceSpace offers means users can easily search by location across all The Royal Parks sites, and further filter by season or project.

The Walters Art Museum

Having previously relied on manual file hierarchies and then an unreliable alternative DAM system, The Walters has seen real results with ResourceSpace.

Care International

Speed and co-ordination is critical for CARE International, particularly during large scale emergency appeals. The charity's ResourceSpace platform now holds more than 21,000 images, submitted and accessed by 495 users in worldwide locations.

History of Science Museum

The implementation of ResourceSpace and the integration with their EMu Collections Management System has been a game changer, with no need to 'double' up on work as they had done with a previous system.

European Commission

Using ResourceSpace to achieve and maintain a high level of consistency and coordination in the management and application of resources.

Canadian Centre for Architecture

The efficiency of workflows and ability to customise metadata shaped the CCA’s decision to move forward with ResourceSpace.