State-of-the-art image recognition and automated metadata processing from Google and OpenAI

AI automated tagging

The recognition tool allows the objects, items, faces and places present in your visual media to be automatically detected, prompting appropriate keywords to be suggested. As well as this, any identified text can be read to a separate field. With our Facial Recognition function, specific people can be identified as ResourceSpace learns from existing tagged faces.

These cutting-edge AI integrations ensure that ResourceSpace users spend less time manually tagging the content of their assets as they upload them.

An example image with automatically detected tags visible.

AI automated metadata processing

Our integration with OpenAI's GPT language model allows ResourceSpace to process text from an input field and automatically populate an output field with the result. Instructions can be set on each output field and given in plain English. Here are some examples to get you started:

  • Create a French translation
  • List the critical keywords from this text
  • Make this text into compelling marketing text

The GPT integration has the potential to revolutionise metadata input and save you a huge amount of time and effort.

An example of a GPT configuration

Metadata matters

Using metadata as the primary method of organisation allows resources to be classified in many different ways at once, ensuring that it can be found via a multitude of different criteria. ResourceSpace utilises advanced metadata tools to give depth to the structuring of your files.

Fixed Metadata

ResourceSpace allows you to retain control over the input of metadata by restricting the entry fields that are available to complete. Create drop down lists, radio buttons, check boxes or category trees with fixed metadata selection options to manage the amount and type of metadata that is submitted.

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Embedded data extraction

Exiftool is a third-party tool which allows the data embedded within an image to be automatically uploaded into its resource metadata. This applies to any metadata stored within a file, and the fields that this is applied to can be configured by an administrator.

For more information on Exiftool, read the instructions within our Knowledge Base.