Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

ResourceSpace is open source Digital Asset Management (DAM) software that is the simple, fast and free way to organise your digital assets.

If you have any questions about the software, take a look at our frequently asked questions below.

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Is ResourceSpace really free?

Yes. ResourceSpace is open source, which means you can download the software and implement locally at no cost.

The only thing we charge for is any required customer or technical support (beyond the complimentary onboarding session), and cloud storage above 10GB. If your digital assets total less than 10GB or you're happy with hosting it yourself you can enjoy ResourceSpace for free, forever.

How many users can we add to ResourceSpace?

As ResourceSpace is open source, there is no restriction or cost per user. There is no license agreement or fee associated with the software.

Whether you're a start-up with less than 10 employees, or a Blue Chip organisation with thousands, your cost won't change when you add users.

Does ResourceSpace offer any technical / customer support services?

Yes, we can provide ongoing support, including upgrades, configuration and unlimited bug fixes with all of our paid plans. Our Business Cloud and Enterprise Cloud packages also include enhanced onboarding, in-depth training and regular DAM health checks.

Do you provide DAM services for all sectors?

We believe an effective digital asset management system is essential for all sectors, and as such we work with a wide range of organisations. This includes brands like TOMY and Mazda, as well as charities and arts and heritage institutions.

Check out the different sectors and organisations we've worked with.

What's the maximum amount of asset storage you can provide?

We don't have a set limit on how much cloud storage we can provide.

Our set plans go up to 70TB of digital asset storage. Need more? Give us a call and we'll provide a bespoke price.

Can I see reports on how my team is using the DAM and our different assets?

Using the analytics feature, Administrators are able to create custom reports based on the system analytics, such as user downloads, search terms, downloads, and views. Administrators can then dock these reports to their homepage for reference. Find out more about the analytics feature.

Administrators can use the standard reports within the system to monitor activity such as downloads, uploads, and search terms yielding no results. Administrators can then subscribe to the reports, and receive periodic emails every X number of days.

Can ResourceSpace manage asset licences and copyright?

Yes. ResourceSpace has a License Manager plugin that provides centralised management for all digital asset licenses.

This plugin makes it easy to keep track of the specific licenses for each of your digital assets, while you can also add multiple licenses per resource.

What does it mean that ResourceSpace is open source?

Open source is software that has its source code freely available. This means that anyone can use open source software without paying a license fee, while users with the technical capability can even make changes to the software to suit their needs.

ResourceSpace is constantly evolving, thanks in large part to our community of active users.

Can ResourceSpace support setting expiry dates for assets and provide an alert mechanism when an expiry date approaches?

Asset expiry is set as a metadata field per resource. This allows you to have a custom expiration date for each file if needed (you can also set them in bulk). When an asset is X number of days from expiration, the system will automatically notify the Administrators. When an asset expires, it is moved to the archived state, where it can no longer be viewed by non-admins.

Does ResourceSpace support file filtering based on Metadata?

Filtering can be set per user group and is based on metadata. For example, a German user group can only view assets where the metadata field 'Country' equals 'Germany'. Similarly, you could say that the German group can see everything except where country=Italy.

Does ResourceSpace integrate with other systems and platforms?

ResourceSpace has a number of 'out-of-the-box' integrations, including Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, WordPress and Google Cloud Vision API.

If we don't have an existing integration for software you use, let us know.

Does ResourceSpace integrate with TMS and EMu?

Yes, we have many clients in the arts and cultural heritage sector, and we're trusted by museums and galleries across the world. We integrate with TMS, EMu and MuseumPlus, while we also offer support for the IIIF API.

Can I perform basic image editing tasks in ResourceSpace?

ResourceSpace has a transform (Image Tools) plugin, that allows users to quickly and easily rotate, crop, and save images in various formats.

Is ResourceSpace compatible with all major web browsers, as well as accessible from major phones and tablets?

Yes, ResourceSpace is compatible with all major web browsers, including mobile and tablet devices.

What image, audio and video formats does ResourceSpace support?

ResourceSpace supports all file types for storage. Additionally, a great number of formats are processed in some way for data/preview extraction and/or transcoding capability.

For supported types for metadata extracting, see:

For supported types for image preview, see:

For supported types for video preview and transcoding, see:

In addition to the above the software can also preview Microsoft Office files, and a number of others not listed.

Is there a restriction on maximum file size we can upload?

There is no restriction on maximum file size you can upload. ResourceSpace uses advanced file chunking to upload large files within your regular web browser.

Can ResourceSpace share assets directly on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Weibo, Google+ and Flickr?

There is currently no native integration with these platforms, but it is currently possible to push content to YouTube, Vimeo, and Flickr. You can also embed images, videos, and documents into websites using HTML snippets provided by the system. If you are interested in integration with any of the above platforms, we are happy to look into custom development.

We do now have links when sharing to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

ResourceSpace now offers a Falcon plugin. This plugin allows users to publish resources as templates in

Does ResourceSpace support a multilingual user interface?

ResourceSpace supports over 20 languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian. If needed, organisations are able to implement a new language by contributing back to the open source community. Upon login, ResourceSpace can automatically detect the relevant language to use based on the user system settings.

What quality standards does your organisation adhere to which are relevant to a DAM solution?

We have ISO:27001 certification and we are happy to send over our ISMS Overview, and any other security policies (subject to clearance) as required.

The Telecity and Redstone data centres we use are certified to the ISO 27001:2005 Security Management standard which ensures the proper selection of adequate and proportionate security controls to protect all information assets. We are happy to send over a copy of our data protection policy to review, if required.

Does ResourceSpace have an API?

ResourceSpace implements a RESTful API that returns JSON. All requests must be signed using a shared private key specific to each user. This can be performed via GET or POST.

What disaster recovery planning or intrusion detection systems do you have in place?

Data is stored in a redundant arrangement across two geographically distinct sites, Cambridge and London. In the event that one site is offline, full functionality can be quickly restored at the other.

Furthermore we maintain offline, disconnected backups in the event of a hacking type event that could potentially erase both copies regardless of location. A hacker is not able to reach a system that is physically offline.

What are the minimum hardware requirements for running a DAM on-premise?

-CPU: Server grade such as Intel Xeon.

-RAM: 16GB as a minimum

Operating System: We recommend the latest version of Ubuntu is used as all required packages are in the Ubuntu repository, however ResourceSpace runs just fine on many platforms.

Do you have any case studies of existing users?

We have a wide range of case studies and testimonials from ResourceSpace users. Find them here.