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Workflow states

Monitor the status of any given resource at a particular point in time using workflow states. According to the status of an asset, such as live or archived, you can determine who can see and edit the content, and the workflow actions that can be performed.

For instructions on managing workflow states, visit the Knowledge Base.

Workflow actions

Actions form the links between the workflow states, visible as buttons to those with relevant permission to carry out the action. Whilst some standard actions are provided with the default installation of the plugin, they can also be created, edited and deleted within the administration area.

For more information on managing workflow actions, read this Knowledge Base article.

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Ready to revert

If ever you change your mind about an action, our version control tools allow you to enact a simple revert process. In one click, you can undo uploads, or metadata input, functions which are found within the Resource Log - for reverting on a bigger scale, we allow batch undos for an entire collection of resources.

Find more information on version control in the Knowledge Base.