Work more efficiently by integrating ResourceSpace with the other systems you rely on.

Single Sign-On

Add ResourceSpace to your organisation's existing Single Sign-On solution using our SimpleSAML plugin, supporting hundreds of SAML compliant protocols and frameworks including ADFS, Shibboleth, OpenAM, A-Select, CAS, OpenID, WS-Federation, OAuth and PingFederate.

LDAP directory integration

Tested with Microsoft Active Directory and Oracle Directory servers, the LDAP plugin allows users to log into ResourceSpace using the same credentials that they use to log on to computers on the network of your organisation.

For full details on this plugin, visit the Knowledge Base.


ResourceSpace implements a full RESTful API that, due to the ubuquity of REST, your developers will already know how to use. The API allows access to the many internal functions of ResourceSpace including upload, download, transcode, edit and search.

The API documentation is available in the Knowledge Base.

TMS and Emu integration

ResourceSpace offers full integration and syncing with TMS (The Museum System) and EMu to provide a seamless DAM experience. You’ll be able to automatically import data from one system to another without having to manually input it.

For full information on the benefits of TMS and Emu integration read our blog post.