Vimeo publish

Allows publishing of video resources to a configured Vimeo account. This plugin will upload data and has configurable mapped fields to automatically add descriptions, titles and tags. Once uploaded a url to the video will be stored against the resource.


You will need to register ResourceSpace as an app with Vimeo and get an OAuth client ID and Secret

  • Log on to Vimeo with any valid Vimeo account (this does not need to be related to your Vimeo account), then go to
  • Click on "New App" in the top right and then click on "Create an app"
  • Fill in the App name and App description, agree to the terms and conditions and click "Create App"
  • Once you have created the app, open it and click on "Authentication" tab in order to find Client ID and Secret
  • Copy the client ID and Secret and paste these details in the ResourceSpace plugin setup page
  • For "App URL" use the Base URL (located at the top of the plugin setup page)
  • For "App Callback URL" use the Callback URL (located at the top of the plugin setup page)
  • Make a request to be allowed to upload videos to Vimeo. Make sure you provide enough information regarding what kind of videos you are going to upload

Publishing to Vimeo

By default each user can publish to their own Vimeo account. The first time they publish a video they will be prompted to log in and grant ResourceSpace access. This Vimeo account will be stored against their ResourceSpace user account, although they can change this and use a new Vimeo account at any time

ResourceSpace can be configured so that all users publish to the same Vimeo account. To set this up follow these steps:-

  1. Navigate to Admin > System > Plugins and click on the options link next to the Vimeo Publish plugin
  2. Set the option 'Allow users to publish to their own Vimeo accounts' to 'false'
  3. Click on 'Set Vimeo account'
  4. Log in to Vimeo if not already logged in and authorize ResourceSpace to access your Vimeo account
  5. You will be returned to the plugin setup page and the Vimeo account name will be displayed
  6. You can change the Vimeo account using this same method but need to be logged out from the current Vimeo account first or the same account will be immediately detected and used