Vimeo publish

Allows publishing of video resources to a configured Vimeo account. This plugin will upload data and has configurable mapped fields to automatically add descriptions, titles and tags. Once uploaded a url to the video will be stored against the resource.


You will need to register ResourceSpace as an app with Vimeo and get an OAuth client ID and Secret

  • Log on to Vimeo with any valid Vimeo account (this does not need to be related to your Vimeo account), then go to
  • Click on "New App" in the top right and then click on "Create an app"
  • Fill in the App name and App description, agree to the terms and conditions and click "Create App"
  • Once you have created the app, open it and click on "Authentication" tab in order to find Client ID and Secret
  • Copy the client ID and Secret and paste these details in the ResourceSpace plugin setup page
  • For "App URL" use the Base URL (located at the top of the plugin setup page)
  • For "App Callback URL" use the Callback URL (located at the top of the plugin setup page)
  • Make a request to be allowed to upload videos to Vimeo. Make sure you provide enough information regarding what kind of videos you are going to upload