Video timestamp links


This plugin lets you use timestamp links on your videos in ResourceSpace. To create the links:

  1. Take note of the points in the video that you'd like to bookmark
  2. Choose an appropriate metadata field to add them to, for example, a caption or long description field - a text based field, in any case.
  3. Click the resource and go to 'Edit metadata' to add the time references in - you can add a description after each one too
  4. Make sure to use the 'hours:minutes:seconds' format HH:MM:SS
  5. Click out of the field and the values will be saved automatically

This feature is useful if you have a long video file and you want to quickly point your users to specific sections. You might use timestamps to highlight different chapters or scenes.

Once you've saved the references in your chosen field, the next time you select the resource, they'll show as links in the 'Resource details' section of the resource view page.

You can add as many links as you need - clicking on each one in the resource view will take you to the exact point in the video that you're looking for.