Locating your digital assets has never been faster, with comprehensive search accuracy.

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Faster file finding

Minimise time spent searching for files with ResourceSpace’s advanced system. Our accessible search panel is available on every page to facilitate rapid asset sourcing.

Read more about the time you could save searching in the Knowledge Base.

Global search

ResourceSpace’s comprehensive search functionality allows you to pinpoint your assets by geographic location. The system also supports a wide range of languages, allowing you to experience a truly international search experience.

To find out more about geographic search functions, visit the Knowledge Base.

Searching on your own terms

We offer more than just basic file searching. With ResourceSpace, you can accurately define the terms you require, in a more detailed and controlled manner. Using special search tools such as full string matching and searching by criteria or field value matches, you’ll be able to find what you need, first time. If you’re open to browsing, the wildcard option will bring up words that also contain part of your original search query.

Our list of extended search features can be located in the Knowledge Base.

Intelligent ordering

Search results are intelligently ordered, using previous search activity to suggest relevant resources. This promotes the discovery of higher quality assets, encouraging the utilisation of your best content.