Action dates

The 'action_dates' plugin will automatically perform certain actions based on resource metadata, for example, archiving a resource when an expiry date is reached.

Automatic resource deletion settings

Automatically delete resources when the date in this field is reached

Select a field containing the expiry date

Fully delete resource when deletion data passed?

Set to 'True' and the resource will be deleted permanently. Set to 'False' and the next setting will be used to determine a state to move the resource to, rather than permanent deletion.

New state to move to (if fully deleting resources, than this is not taken into account)

If 'False' is selected above, resources will be moved into this state rather than permanently deleted. Therefore, this can be used to archive resources, or move them to other workflow states.

Email administrator a set number of days before this date is reached. Leave blank for no email.

Enter a numeric value for a number of days. A warning will be sent.

Automatically restrict access to resources when the date in this field is reached. This will only apply to resources currently in the open state.

Downgrade access to restricted when the date is reached - it will not be possible to download the files (for general users).
Remove resources from all associated collections when state is changed? Optionally remove resources from all collections when changing archive state?

Additional actions

In this section you can select multiple additional fields and the archive states that resources should be moved to when the date in that field is reached.


By default the actions will be performed daily. Where this would be inappropriate, for example over the weekend, the week days can be selected within the plugin configuration.