Consent manager

Adds the capability to manage subject consent via the resource view page and a central management area.

  1. Browse to a resource to which you want to add a consent record
  2. On the Consent tab (a little way down the page beneath the preview) click "New Consent"
  3. Fill in the details
  4. Optionally, upload a file (e.g. a signed consent form)
  5. Click 'Save'

Your resource will now have a new consent record. You can add multiple consent records per resource for cases where your media contains multiple subjects.

Consent Manager

Centralised management

From the admin menu on the top right, select Consent. All consent records can be reviewed and edited centrally. It's possible to relate a consent record to several resources by entering multiple resource IDs in to the resources box.

Batch operations

From the actions dropdown menu (above the search results or collection display) two options "Link consent" and "Unlink consent" allow a consent record to be linked with / unlinked from all the resources in a given collection (or selection).

Providing access for regular users

All users with the 'a' (System area) access will have access to this area by default. Additional groups can be added using the 'cm' permission when setting user group permissions.