Video tracks

This plugin allows users to create custom video files in alternative formats/codecs. Optionally the user can select subtitle and audio track files that have been uploaded as alternative files for a video resource, thus producing multiliingual variants of videos from within ResourceSpace with no further post-production efforts.

Because the processing of video files can take time the plugin utilises new job queue functionality so that the file creation can take place offline. The plugin options page allows for a size limit to be configured and video files that are larger than this will be added to the queue. Once the processing is complete the user will be sent a system notification that the file is available

Setup instructions

To enable the offline functionality the '$offline_job_queue' configuration option must be enabled in config.php as below. A scheduled task/cron job should also be configured to run the pages/tools/offline_jobs.php as frequently as desired.


  1. Enable the video_tracks plugin via Admin->System->Plugins->Asset processing
  2. Set the plugin configuration as required as below



Automatically convert subrip subtitle files (.srt) to VTT to allow display in video previews?

This should be enabled if you want to be able to preview subtitles in the VideoJS player and is required because SRT files are no longer supported. Note that the previews will only work if MP4 video previews are used and will not work with FLV previews.

Show the custom video option for these file extensions

The 'create custom video' link will only appear for resources with these extensions

List of alternative file audio extensions (comma separated) that can be used for soundtrack

As option indicates, these are the audio file formats that can be used to create the custom video

List of permitted subtitle file extensions (comma separated). Must be supported by ffmpeg

Similar to above.

Maximum size of resource file that will be processed immediately (MB). Larger files will be processed offline and the user notified upon completion

This option depends on offline processing being enabled ( $offline_job_queue=true;)

From v10.2, ResourceSpace admins can no longer configure "Available file output options" through the UI. This must now be done from the configuration file (config.php) using $video_tracks_output_formats configuration option. Example:

$video_tracks_output_formats = array(
    "Convert to MP4"=>array(
            "command"=>"-f mp4 -ar 22050 -b 650k -ab 32k -ac 1",