Offline archive

Offline archive

The offline archive plugin allows you to relocate achived files to an offline location

After enabling the plugin, there are a number of configuration options which specify how the relocation will occur.


Offline archive settings explained

Please select the metadata field that will hold the archive reference code

Select a field which contains data to be included in the archive filename.
Note that this should be a required field which is always populated.

Please enter the location that the archives will be created in

This is the path relative to the filestore
(NOTE: WIP to be verified).

For restoration of resources in StaticSync folder you can enter a subfolder of the StaticSync folder that restored files will be placed in

This setting is only relevant for StaticSync users, otherwise it is ignored. When specified then the relocation will be to the specified StaticSync subfolder. When left blank, the archived files will be relocated to the main StaticSync folder.

Preserve file timestamp?

Determines whether to carry across the timestamp of the original file. If not specified then the file will carry the timestamp at the point of relocation.