Plugins extend the base functionality by adding new features and integrations with third party software and systems


The accessibility plugin is designed to make ResourceSpace easier to use for those with limited vision by increasing the size and boldness of key text and icons throughout the interface.

Action dates

Automatically performs certain actions based on resource metadata, for example, archiving a resource when an expiry date is reached.

Adobe link

Allows you to export files from ResourceSpace directly into Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.

Advanced workflow

Extends the built in fixed review/live/archive workflow - the flow can be configured to model a wide variety of processes by adding workflow states and actions to link them.


This allows ResourceSpace to check every file uploaded for any known virus.


Allows annotations to be added to a resource and connected to part of the resource preview.

Auto assign

Allows managed resource requests to be automatically assigned to a specific user for approval, based on a metadata field value mapping.

Auto login

Allows users to be automatically authenticated based on a specified IP pattern.


Allows ResourceSpace to receive resources as file attachments sent from a defined set of users to a designated IMAP email account.

Conditional terms

Makes download terms required for downloading certain resources only based on their metadata.

CSV upload

Allows you to create resources by uploading a CSV file.

CSV user import

Allows administrators to create user accounts in bulk based on information stored in a CSV file.

Embed document

Allows you to embed document resource previews on remote sites using a short HTML script.

Embed slideshow

Allows you to embed collection slideshows on remote sites using a short HTML script.

Embed video

Allows embedding video on remote sites using a short HTML script.

Falcon link

Allows users to publish resources as templates in


Adds a general user feedback function to the header for all users.

Flickr publishing

Allows you to publish selected resources from selected collections to a Flickr account.

Format chooser

Allows you to choose different formats when downloading files which are generated on the fly.

Google OAuth

Gives the ability to log in to ResourceSpace using Google accounts.

Google Vision API

Sends your images to Google's Cloud Vision API on upload, and sets appropriate metadata based on what has been recognised in the image.

Google VR View

Displays previews of 3D images using the Google VR View browser API.

Grant edit

Allows administrators to permit a user, or user group, edit access to the metadata of a resource they would not normally have permission to edit.

Image banks

Provides the ability to search external image banks for photos without navigating manually to their system.

Image stream

Enables upload of multiple image files as a single zipped resource, with video preview and download.

Image text

Allows the contents of a selected metadata field to be included as a caption when a resource is downloaded.

Image tools

Enables creation of cropped and scaled images.

License manager

Adds the capability to manage resource licensing via the resource view page.

Meta append

Automatically applies a user definable timestamp and daily upload number to each resource contributed by every user.


Provides integration with the MuseumPlus Museum Management system.


Adds a news segment to the homepage allowing updates to be posted to the website, giving important information to users.

PDF split

Allows PDF files to be split to multiple pages.

Propose changes

Allows users who cannot edit a resource to propose changes to its metadata.

Refine results

Adds an additional filter bar above the search results to allow further filtering within the result set.

Remote assist

Extends the home page welcome text area to display various help links for using ResourceSpace.

Resource bot

Integrates the familiar Chat Bot functionality from the main ResourceSpace website with your ResourceSpace installation to provide on-hand assistance for your users.

Resource usage

Allows users to keep a log of how a resource has been used, along with the usage medium.


Allows different ResourceSpace systems to connect to each other to allow searching between installations.

RSS Feed

Enables the authenticated generation of RSS feeds of new content, including configurable fields.

Search notifications

Allows users to receive notifications when the results to a specified search changes.

Search tiles

Displays collection results in a dash tile style.

Simple LDAP

Allows users to log on to ResourceSpace using the same credentials that they use to log on to computers on your organisations network.

Simple SAML

Allows users to log on to ResourceSpace using a SAML compliant single sign-on (SSO) Identity Provider (IdP).

TMS link

Allows resource metadata to be extracted from a TMS Collections Management database.

Track field history

Shows the history of the metadata of a resource by breaking it down by field.

Version control

Makes it possible to revert both individual and batch edits from the resource log page.

Video bookend

Allows a user to add a poster and ending graphics to a video resource in ResourceSpace.

Video splice

Allows users to merge video resources within ResourceSpace to create a new file and to cut segments of a video to be saved as an alternative file.

Video tracks

Allows users to create custom video files in alternative formats/codecs.

Vimeo publish

Allows publishing of video resources to a configured Vimeo account.


Hooks in to the resource View page to embed a Vimeo video.


Allows users to log on to ResourceSpace using their Windows credentials on a compatible web server with Windows Integrated Authentication enabled.

Wordpress SSO

Allows users to log on to ResourceSpace using Wordpress single sign-on (SSO) Identity Provider (IdP).

YouTube publish

Allows publishing of video resources to a configured YouTube account.


The 'YT2RS' plugin hooks into the resource view page to embed a YouTube video.