Messages, emails and actions

Version control

Version control functions are available from within the Resource Log page. The 'revert' option in the tools area of each row of type either 'Upload' (for files) and 'Edit' (for metadata) rows allows that operation to be reverted (undone).

If the log entry referred to a metadata edit, this will revert the 'old value' stored for this row. A confirmation page details the proposed change. A '+' prefix denotes that metadata will be added as part of the reversion, and a '-' prefix denotes that the following metadata will be removed.

If the log entry referred to a file upload, the revert action will restore the file to the state it was prior to the action. Again, a confirmation page previews the results of the change.

Batch revert

It is possible to restore a metadata field to an earlier state for an entire collection of resources. Simply select the field option on the 'Edit all' screen named 'Revert to earlier state' (within the dropdown, after the append / replace options). After selecting this option the system prompts the user to enter a date and time. The batch operation will then restore the field to the state that it was in at the given date / time, for each resource in the collection.

Reverting a revert

Note that reversion operations themselves (both single and batch) are edits in themselves and appear in the logs, and can also be reverted.