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Watched Searches

This functionality is provided by the 'rse_search_notifications' plugin which is enabled by default

Watched searches allow users to 'subscribe' to any search result or other set of resources, such as a collection. The system will then notify the user when resources are added or edited to match the result set.

You are notified when resources match the search criteria that didn't previously and also when resources that previously matched the search criteria no longer match. Crucially, you will NOT be notified if the matching resources are modified in some way, unless those modifications cause the results to match (or cease to match) the search criteria.

Simply select "Watch this search" from the actions drop down box above the search results.

Watched searches appear in the watched search list page, which can by accessed from My Account (click your user name in the top bar).

Administrators can view watched searches for all users by ticking the box above the list.

Actions available for each watched search are as follows.

  • Search - View the current results.
  • Check now - Performs the comparison between the current results and the results the last time the system checked this watched search. This will happen periodically anyway (typically every few minutes, depending on system configuration). This link offers a way to fast-track the check.
  • Disable - No longer notify of changes. The item will remain in the list however.
  • Delete - Completely removes the watched search.


When the watched search set changes, i.e. a new resource matches the search, or a resource leaves the results, you'll receive a notification pop-up. Additionally the message is added to "My Messages" in "My Account".