Messages, emails and actions

Accounts & Access

Like all web services, ResourceSpace has user accounts to allow access to the system. The following list details the possible account actions:

  • Login - The login is found at the root address of your ResourceSpace installation. Logins keep the system secure and give you access to your previously saved resource collections, shared projects, and any research work you may have requested from the team. Keep your account information safe.
  • Password Reminder - If you can't remember your password, you can ask for a reminder to be sent by email from the login screen. You will be instructed to enter your email address.
  • Registration Request - If you haven't been registered and don't have a user name and password, you can request one from the login screen. Your Service Administrators can then confirm and create your account.
  • Changing Your Password - After logging into ResourceSpace, click on your name in the account navigation menu and follow the instructions to change your password.
  • Logout - When you have finished using the system, don't forget to logout (in the main menu). This will ensure your account stays protected.