Creating dash tiles

Dash tiles are a great way of creating shortcuts to your favourite things in ResourceSpace.

From "My collections" you can use the actions menu to produce and style a new dash tile to have your most useful collection close to hand.

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You can also make a dash tile from a search you have performed, for example if you want to work with the resources returned. Just select "Save to dash tile" in the results action menu. This can be used to create a dash tile for a search returning as many or few resources as you wish.

A dash tile may also be used to link to another place within your ResourceSpace, or to another page outside of it.

There are a number of different customisation options available, depending what feature you are creating a tile for you may see a different selection of them.


Dash Tile Options

  • Title - The title is a place to put a short word or phrase for that tile. It will appear in much larger text at the top of the tile.
  • Text - Text is a place to put a more extensive description of what the tile links to. If you just want one long title then you should leave the title field blank and just enter text. This will then appear as the header but in a smaller font to allow for more text.
  • Dash tile style - Select how you would like your tile to appear from several options. If there is only one way that it can appear then this option will not show.
  • Resource count - This will display the number of resources that are included in that tile in the bottom right hand corner. This will appear for collections and search type tiles.
  • Dash tile image - If you are linking to a collection of some sort then you will be able to select a resource that you would like to use within that collection. If that resource is then removed it will default to the first resource available.
  • Push dash tile to all users - With the correct user permissions you can give this tile to all users. They will then have this tile appear on their dash too.

Once you have clicked "Create" the dash tile will be added to your homepage to be accessed at any time.