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Common Search Mistakes

1. Search Refining

Searching in ResourceSpace is very powerful and breaking your search down can quickly lead you to the resource you want. Metadata field searching is the fastest way to find relevant resources. You should search by one field at a time and slowly break it down, for example:

  1. Search "elephant" - Asian and African elephant images are found
  2. Search "elephant Africa" - African Elephant images are found
  3. Search "elephant Africa Kenya" - Elephants images from a Kenyan reserve are now displaying
Although a simple concept, refining your searches will ensure that you are able to find the resources in your system that you need.

2. Too many Featured Collections or Public Collections

Featured and Public collections can be great ways to get started when searching and to see what's being promoted but this often causes a bottle neck effect where users are requesting more public collections and themes to search through for resources rather than searching independently and thus a large number of users are repeatedly using the same material. This can then be a dire situation for a marketing team if they are using too much of the same advertising imagery and not keeping it fresh.

Administrators should keep public collections and themes updated and refreshed regularly to provide good showcasing and Users need to start looking at the metadata from those promoted resources. Who contributed them? When? Where are they from? These are showcase resources and will likely be linked to others of good quality.

Most Importantly: Users should get searching!

3. Not Clearing Previous Search

A very common error is that the search isn't properly cleared and searches become skewed by a metadata match that you were not expecting. In the worst case this will return no resources which can be very misleading.

Make use of the "Clear" buttons on the Simple Search and Advanced Search

4. Resource Type

Searching for the correct Resource Type is important and also helpful. For example, if you are looking for a document about Ducks, it is best to initially select the "Document" Resource Type, then to search using the keyword "Duck" to avoid getting lots of images and videos of ducks in your results too.

5. Incorrect Syntax

Searching is not case sensitive within ResourceSpace but combinations can be, particularly when using the Special Search Terms. Make sure you check your search syntax carefully.