Lockable metadata

Lockable metadata fields can be used to speed up the 'refine metadata process' after uploading new resources. This is intended for use when the default upload sequence is set to 'Upload first, then set metadata'.

How to use

In upload review mode, after you have uploaded your resources you will be taken to the 'Refine metadata' page.

To 'lock' a field, click on the padlock icon next to the field. The padlock icon will shut to indicate the field has been locked and a new "Save all with locked values" button will appear .

When you have completed the resource metadata, clicking on "Save and next" will apply the contents of any locked fields to the next resource in the upload batch.

If you wish the locked metadata to be applied to all resources in the upload batch, click "Save all with locked values"

Locked fields can be unlocked at any time, simply by clicking on the locked padlock icon.


Administrator note

Please note that if the user is operating in 'Set metadata, then upload' mode, then lockable metadata will not apply.