Messages, emails and actions

ResourceSpace messages

Messages are used in ResourceSpace to provide a solution to the problem that users can have receiving numerous emails related to resource uploads or requests. If you have unread messages a visual indicator will appear on your screen within seconds when you are logged on to ResourceSpace

A pill will appear as below alongside your user icon in the top right of the screen when you have unread messages

Clicking on the user icon will bring up the user menu. Within this menu separate pills will indicate the corresponding number of messages and actions that make up the total count

Changing your messaging preferences

You can control what messages you receive to suit your needs. These options can be found by clicking on the user icon and then selecting 'My Preferences'

Show me system notifications on screen as they are received. If disabled, the counter will still update to indicate the presence of new messages This option is useful if you receive a lot of notifications and want to quickly check messages without having to navigate to the messages screen
Send me resource messages about resource management e.g. resource state changes, metadata changesEnabling this will keep you up to date when resources are submitted for approval or resources you have submitted have been sent back for further changes
Send me messages about important system events e.g. low disk space Administrators only. For information about important server events
Send me user administration messages e.g. new user account requests For user administrators
Send me messages about resource access e.g. resource requests This will send you messages when users request access to restricted resources