User rating of resources

ResourceSpace has a star rating feature that, once enabled, allows each user to give resources a rating of between one and five stars. User rating of resources can be enabled by super admins in the configuration area:

1. Go to ‘Admin’

2. Select ‘System’

3. Under ‘Configuration’, scroll down to ‘User accounts’

4. Select ‘Enabled’ for ‘User rating of resources’.



Once enabled, each resource will show the option to submit a rating on the preview page:



Apply your rating by clicking on the stars:


If there are existing ratings on a resource, they’ll show in red with a tally below.


Applying ratings can be useful on the resource level - to learn more about a resource’s popularity with other users - and is a great feature to use alongside Resource commenting, User tagging, and the Annotate feature. 

The ratings are also used by the system within the ‘Popularity’ sort ordering. Averages are automatically calculated, with higher ranked content showing at the top of the list when you apply this sort method to a collection or set of search results. Resources that have ratings will sit higher in the popularity search than any that do not have ratings, even if that rating is low.