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Resource Tools

Plugins can add additional resource tools to the list below, see Standard Plugin Guides for more information.


Resource tools are essentially just options and controls for each resource. Depending on your permission level and relationship with the resource you might see different selections of controls which allow you to do different things. The view here is what you would see if you have full access to the resource and system functionality.

What do they do?
  • Download
    This allows you to download the file. Depending on your system configuration there will be a number of different download options to provide different sizes and formats for your resources.
  • View
    View a preview of the image in full screen. This could appear as either a lightbox which opens on the current page or a new page which allows you to just view the image on its own.
  • Add to Collection
    Adds the resource to your current collection (Open in the collection bar)
  • Share
    Allows sharing of the resource with other users. See Sharing Resources for more information.
  • Edit
    Takes you to the resource editing page which provides resource modification and manipulation options. See Editing Resources for more information.
  • Download Metadata
    This allows you to just download the metadata for this file. Normally this will be output as a text file with colon separated key value pairs. Requires the $metadata_download config option to be enabled.
  • Delete
    Removes this resource. If this is a permanent delete it will ask for you to input your password to confirm deletion. If it is only temporary it can allow you to delete it and then it goes into a filtering stage which an administrator can then check. if you accidentally delete a file, contact your admin to ask them to restore it.
  • Manage Alternative Files
    ResourceSpace is able to store multiple versions of a file as alternatives. Different sized videos or images or even special preview videos or advertising images can be stored as alternatives to give users more flexibility when working with resources. Use this option to manage those alternative files. See Alternative Files for more information.
  • Log
    ResourceSpace keeps a log of activity done to resources. You can review the log to see who has made changes to a resource and also what changes have been made.
  • Transform
    This is a tool provided by the commonly used Transform Plugin which comes as a standard plugin with ResourceSpace.