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Upload here (version 9.0+)

Version 9.0+

Upload here was developed to help users create new resources based on a recent advanced search. This functionality only works for searches involving fixed list fields, so it won't be available for free text or special searches.

The functionality will be avaible for search results that consist of purely the following:

  • nodes
  • resource type
  • workflow (archive) state

Once user clicks on the Upload here button, he is taken to the upload page. The functionality works for both upload modes.

NOTE: If multiple resource types/ workflow (archive) states have been searched, then ResourceSpace will select the first one found (to which the user has access).

Screen shots

User searched for resources of type "Photo" that have been tagged with "Product" and "United Kingdom". He can now upload here which will automatically tag the resource and set it to the searched resource type and workflow state:

User is looking at one of his collections, from where the option to upload straight into the collection is available:

On upload, the user already has the required information selected based on his search: