Image preview zoom


If ResourceSpace is configured with zoomable previews then the user will get to enable the OpenSeadragon viewer on the view page by toggling the image preview zoom tool () available in the image preview toolbar.

Once the tool is enabled (shows as green in the toolbar), you can use the scroll wheel to zoom in/ out, click on the image and move it around.

When hovering over the preview, in the top-left corner you'll also have icons for zooming in/ out, for centering the image and for viewing fullscreen.


Configuration example

$image_preview_zoom = true;
$preview_tiles = true;

When $preview_tiles is enabled the system will create extra preview tiles. We also use these tiles as part of our IIIF feature.

To get the most out of image preview zoom, it is recommended to enable $preview_tiles. Please note the space occupied by a resource will increase as depending on the configuration set for tiles, your system may end up with many more previews.