Full text searching

ResourceSpace handles long text stored in metadata fields as follows:

  • Keywords (tags) are only processed for the first 500 characters of any text* and simple search will use keywords present in this portion only
  • To search the full text, use the option on advanced search page that utilises native database full-text indexing.

* If language translations have been entered for a field the character limit applies to each entered translation, not the total text length.

Finding resources with text stored in long text fields

A full text search is initiated by adding text in the 'Search all text' box on advanced search


The following examples give an idea of the methods from the advanced search page. Please note that these searches can take longer than normal searches. If you find that you are needing to use full text searches frequently, consider asking your system administrator to add more options to fixed list fields and adding these tags to resources.

  • smile party
    Find resources where text fields contain at least one of the two words.
  • +smile +party
    Find resources where text fields contain both words.
  • +smile -party
    Find resources where text fields contain the word smile, but don't include resources where 'party' is present