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PDF Contact Sheet

Once selected in your bottom collection bar or via "Manage My Collections" you can create a contact sheet for any collection by clicking the "Contact Sheet" option in the Actions list. This will bring you to a configuration page where you can choose page size, number of columns, orientation and number of thumbnails per page for your sheet. When you click "Preview", a small thumbnail will be made showing you the layout that your selected configuration will produce. When you click "Create" it will allow you to download the PDF contact sheet.

Setting certain fields to show based on display mode selected

For list sheet style:

$config_sheetlist_fields      = array();
$config_sheetlist_include_ref = true;

For thumbs sheet style:

$config_sheetthumb_fields      = array();
$config_sheetthumb_include_ref = true;

For single sheet style:

$config_sheetsingle_fields      = array();
$config_sheetsingle_include_ref = true;

Note: the arrays should contain only the ID of the fields you would like to use.

Advanced configuration options

  • $contact_sheet_resource - Produce a separate resource file when creating contact sheets if set to true
  • $contact_sheet_previews - Show the preview on contact sheet configuration page (set to true by default)
  • $contact_sheet_preview_size - Allows admins to change the size of the preview image on contact sheet configuration page
  • $contact_sheet_font - Ability to change the font family used on contact sheet documents
  • $contact_sheet_unicode_filenames - Set to true if you have special characters
  • $titlefontsize - Change the title font size
  • $include_contactsheet_logo - Will display a logo on the contact sheets. Requires $contact_sheet_logo to be set as well.
  • $contact_sheet_logo_resize - Allows ResourceSpace to resize the logo at a percentage of the page size
  • $contact_sheet_logo_option - Gives the user the option to include the logo on the contact sheet
  • $contact_sheet_footer - Show contact sheet footer (old config option $contact_sheet_custom_footerhtml was removed after version 7.8 as this is now handled in templates and enabled by either showing/ hiding the footer)
  • $contact_sheet_add_link - Make images in contactsheet link to the resource view page
  • $contact_sheet_add_link_option - Gives the user the option to make the images link to the view page
  • $contact_sheet_force_watermarks - Use watermarked previews for contact sheets? If set to 'true' watermarks will be forced rather than judged based on user credentials
  • $contact_sheet_force_watermark_option - Give user option to force watermarks
  • $contact_sheet_metadata_under_thumbnail - Show contact sheet metadata under preview? (for thumbnail view only)