Downloading multiple resources

To download multiple resources in one go you need to either add the resources you want to a collection or select a number of resources from the search results page, then click on 'Download' from the 'Actions' dropdown box.

The exact sequence and options available will vary depending on system configuration. Please contact your system administrator for more information on your specific setup.

Before choosing your download options you may be required to accept terms and/or state your intended usage before proceeding.

On the download page you will be given a number of options

  • Download size. Depending on the file types and your access to the resources you may have the option to download different image sizes. There is also the additional option of downloading the largest available size for any given resource.
  • Use original if selected size is unavailable? This will replace the requested size with the original file if available.
  • Include metadata CSV file to the archive? This will include a CSV file containing the metadata associated with the resources.
  • Download file format. You can choose to download a standard ZIP file or a TAR file. TAR files will normally be available more quickly but may require additional software to open. On Windows you can install the free utility 7-zip
  • Embed resource metadata in the downloaded file(s)? Enabling this will slow down your download because the original file first has to be copied before metadata is added or removed

On some systems the download file creation will take place immediately while you wait. In this case you will need to stay on the page untl the download starts. If your system has configured with offline jobs then the file will be created in the background so you can safely navigate away from the page and you will receive a system notification to let you know when the download is ready.