Usage history

ResourceSpace is logging every time a user is downloading a resource from the system, even one of its available sizes. By default this is not shown on the view page of a resource. There are a few configuration options which can change this behaviour as you will see in the Requirements section.

When the system has been configured to show the usage history and its breakdown, a new section will be shown underneath the resource tools.

Users can then dig deeper and click on Total downloads to see all the downloads of that resource along with any notes, if available.

For even more granular access to the data, users can also click on individual usage mediums (under the Usage breakdown) allowing them to filter the logs for a particular medium.



To just display the download summary showing only the total number of downloads the system should be configured with:

$download_summary = true;

ResourceSpace also has the ability to ask users for the intended usage of a resource before downloading. To configure the system to do so, it should be configured with the following:

$download_usage = true;
$terms_download = true;