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Related Resources

Resources can be related together in order to help find and group sets of resources. Not to be confused with Alternative Files. Rather than using public collections, this method helps promote the searching of resources by users and will encourage them to search for resources and explore ResourceSpace to find things that they need. This method will also help encourage users to make use of a wide number of images in the system rather than defaulting to the same ones found through featured or public collections.

How To Relate Resources

Relate all resources in a collection

  1. Add Resources to a working collection (How do I add resources to a Collection?)
  2. Click edit against that collection. Either via the Collection Bar or through the Manage My Collections page.
  3. Tick "Relate all resources in this collection" and hit save

Manually Relate Resources

Edit each Resource individually and place the IDs of the resources you wish to relate to it into the "Related Resources" box (See Below).

This relate will only apply to the resource you are editing, you will need to do the same for all of the resources that you wish to relate to each other.

Display of related resources
By default related resources appear as thumbnails in a panel located below the resource metadata on the resource view page.

Showing related resources of certain types alongside resource metadata
Important related resources of specific resource types (e.g. model consent/release forms, product information sheets) can be configured to appear alongside the resource metadata by adding the relevant resource type identifier (see Resource Types) to the system configuration variable $related_type_show_with_data.

If this is configured then the related resources can also be set to appear in metadata tabs. The allocated tab for each resource type is configured by the 'Tab name' setting on the resource type configuration page (Admin->System->Manage resource types).

e.g. if a resource type 'consent form' had the id #6, the following option would display any related consent forms alongside the resource metadata on the photo resource view page.
$related_type_show_with_data = array(6);
Showing related resources alongside metadata as thumbnails (version 8.5+)

Instead of being shown in a table, related resource types that are configured to appear alongside metadata can be shown as thumbnails by adding them to the system configuration variable $related_type_thumbnail_view.

$related_type_thumbnail_view = array(6);
Upload link

To make it easier to upload commonly related resource types from the primary resource, a link will appear alongside the related resources that will set the appropriate resource type and return the user to the current resource once the upload is completed. The following option can be set to disable this.

$related_type_upload_link = false;