Push metadata

Display of related resources
By default related resources appear as thumbnails in a panel located below the resource metadata on the resource view page.

You'll see a link to "View these resources as a result set" which allows you to see all resources related to your current resource as a set. Enabling the below option below will also include the current resource in that set.
Showing related resources alongside resource metadata
Important related resources of specific resource types (e.g. consent forms or product information sheets) can be configured to appear alongside the current resource metadata by adding the resource type id (see Resource Types) to the system configuration variable $related_type_show_with_data.
$related_type_show_with_data= array(6);
You must also "push" the metadata of the related resource type on to the image view page by editing the resource type you're relating (eg Consent Form) and checking the option to "Push metadata"
Showing related resources in a tab

With the above option configured, the related resource can also be set to appear in a metadata tab. The allocated tab for each resource type is defined by the "Tab name" option on the resource type configuration page (Admin->System->Resource types). Edit the type you wish to promote, for example "Consent Form", and select the relevant tab option.

Once configured, you will be able to linkclick through to the related Consent Form from its "Title", displayed on the allocated tab in the image metadata. You will also have the option to un-relate the form and to upload other forms which should be related to the image (see below).
Upload link

To make it easier to upload resources of a commonly related type directly from the primary resource, a link will appear in alongside the related resources that will set the appropriate resource type and return the user to the current resource once the upload is completed. The following option can be set to disable this.

$related_type_upload_link = false;
Showing related resources alongside metadata as thumbnails

Instead of the related resource Title showing in the metadata tab, you may choose to show a thumbnail of the resource. To do this, add the resource type identifier to the system configuration variable $related_type_thumbnail_view.

$related_type_thumbnail_view = array(6);