Admin Overview

You must have the appropriate permission to be able to access the Admin menu. Note that this area was previously called "Team Centre" so if you're running an older version of the software you may still see this name.

Accessible from the top navigation bar, the Admin menu provides a whole range of tools to help manage ResourceSpace and its contents.

  1. Manage Resources - This is the primary area for resource management
  2. Manage Requests / Orders - Manage Requests from users to access resources (See User Resource Requests)
  3. Analytics - Produce charts of resource usage and statistics of system use (See Analytics)
  4. View Reports - View tables of data from the system. Reports can be customised by System Admin (See Reports)
  5. Send Bulk Mail - Allows you to quickly contact your ResourceSpace users (See User Communication)
  6. System Setup - Create and Configure your resource types and metadata fields from the system setup (See Managing Metadata)