Homepage Slideshow

As one of the most prominent methods for Promoting Resources, updating the homepage slideshow regularly is an important job to keep your users seeing fresh content.

Big Slideshow

This configuration option was released initially in version 7 and provides a full screen homepage background slideshow which works with the slim header design to create an impressive entrance to your DAM. This must be configured by a system administrator.

Managing slideshow images (version 7.6+)

ResourceSpace provides an interface to manage slideshow files by navigating to Admin > System > Manage slideshow.

From version 9.0 Super Administrators can now set a slideshow to:

  • Home page
  • Featured collections page
  • Login page

Each slideshow image linked to a resource will have a clickable preview which will point to the resource view page (this will open in a modal).

Note: Manage slideshow will have the ability to add new, replace or re-crop slideshow images only if the transform plugin is enabled.

Replacing Slides with Transform

You can quickly replace slides with linked resources by using the Transform Plugin

  1. Browse to the resource view
  2. Click Transform under Resource Tools
  3. Tick "Replace slideshow image"
  4. You must then drag out a crop area on the preview image on this page
  5. Enter a sequence number (1 to 10)

Replacing Slides via File

If you don't wish to or cannot replace your slideshow images using the transform plugin, you can also copy jpg files to the configured location (Ask your System Administrator), with a naming convention 1.jpg,2.jpg,3.jpg...

This is a more complex task as each image supplied must already be the same as the configured size for the homepage slider in order to display correctly, whereas using the transform plugin allows you to easily crop and scale the image to fit exactly.


If using the regular size slideshow you can change the size of the slide display to give your promoted resources more impact. You will, however, need to resize any existing slide images to match the new size. Check with your system administrator to modify the configuration.