Configuring the download filename format

From version 10.3, ResourceSpace has a new system wide configuration that allows administrators to format the final download filename. This usually applies for a resource (or its alternatives), including preview sizes. 

Available placeholders

Placeholder Description Notes
%resource The resource ID.  
%extension The file extension of the original file, for example "jpg", "png" etc.   
%filename The original file name. For alternatives this is the name (which is usually the original filename unless it was edited).
%fieldXX The value of a metadata field on the resource, where XX is the metadata field ID. If the user doesn't have permission to view the field, then blank (empty string) will be used instead.
%size The three character ID of the preview size being downloaded, for example "scr", "pre" etc. For more info see manage sizes. When applicable, an underscore will be automatically prefixed.
%alternative The resource alternatives' ID. When applicable, an underscore will be automatically prefixed.

It's important to understand that with greater flexibility comes more responsibility on the administrators' side. ResourceSpace will try its best to honour the admins' desired format with a few exceptions:

  • If the configuration option is blanked out, the system will use the following default format:
    • RS%resource_%filename%size.%extension
  • Invalid characters will be removed.
  • If the filename length is too long (e.g. because of %fieldXX use), it will be truncated. 
  • When, mostly due to some internal failure, ResourceSpace didn't get to parse the desired format, the system will fallback to using only "RS%resource.%extension".


Note: the below examples can be set from the system wide configuration page by just copying the format (without single quotes).

Showing your company name, resource, its size and extension:

$download_filename_format = 'YourCompanyName-%resource%size.%extension';

Only showing the resource and its size:

$download_filename_format = 'RS%resource%size';

Static string with the resource, its size, alternative (if applicable) and extension:

$download_filename_format = 'Source-RS-%resource%size%alternative.%extension';

Using other metadata fields (related to the downloaded resource) to build the filename. For example, using the Country (#3) and Credit (#10) :

$download_filename_format = 'RS-%resource-%field3-%field10.%extension';