Ordering Metadata Fields

Metadata fields have a single ordering system which determines how they appear on the upload page, the edit page and the view page. This is important for modifying how users mentally group data together. On upload, it is a good idea to keep the required fields at the top of the upload form to make them easier to spot. It is also important that data is grouped to keep the user mentally focussed on each aspect rather than having to jump around to think about the different attributes they are assigning to a resource.

Having considered these points, you can reorder your fields by doing the following:

  1. Browse to Admin > System > Manage metadata fields
  2. If you have the message "> Show in display order to enable reordering of fields using drag and drop" above the table, click it to put the fields in the order they appear to your users.
  3. Click the Move Up / Move Down tools to rearrange each field
  4. You can click and drag the rows in order to rearrange the metadata fields if you have selected a specific Resource Type from the top of the page.