Creating and Deleting Metadata Fields

Ensuring high Resource Metadata quality is important for easy searching and efficient content management.

If you haven't already, Read the Concepts

As far as possible, metadata should be self descriptive. For example, if you need to store the location that an image was taken, you should have it in an appropriate field such as country or region. Making use of Fixed List metadata options can make it easier to then provide the desired options such as providing a list of countries or regions to choose from. A clear and structured data association not only ensures that this data is easy to catalogue with resources but also is easy to then be used as search criteria.

Metadata fields are configured from Admin > System > Manage Metadata Fields.

Create a new Resource Metadata Field:

Don't forget to hit save when you make changes to the resource field.

If changing a metadata field type from a free text field to a fixed option field type (e.g. checkbox, radio button, dropdown, dynamic keyword list), you will be prompted to migrate existing data to create the fixed list option. Please see here for more information

From version 9.2 ResourceSpace will ensure new metadata fields will no longer be allowed to match an existing shortname for a field.

This covers the basics of setting up a resource field. To make it searchable, see Indexing Metadata. For further help with configuring metadata fields, see Advanced Metadata Field Configuration.

Deleting a field

To delete a metadata field, simply navigate to Admin > System > Manage Metadata Fields, locate the field you want to delete and click on the 'delete' link and click on OK when asked to confirm

WARNING: When a field is deleted, all metadata, keywords and field options associated with the field will also be deleted and will not be recoverable.

If any resources have metadata associated with a field submitted for deletion, an additional confirmation prompt will be presented before deletion will take effect

Additionally, from version 9.2 onwards, any metadata fields that are being referenced by system configuration options (e.g. $view_title_field, $date_field), or that are used by any currently enabled plugins cannot be deleted. A message will provide details of the configuration options that are associated with the field. In order to delete these fields you must first change the relevant configuration options. Ask your system administrator to make the necessary changes.