Metadata templates

If you regularly upload resources with common metadata sets, metadata templates are a good way to save time and ensure consistency.

A metadata template is a data only resource that inherits all global fields, as well as all resource type specific fields. This means that each template may contain a complete set of values for every field within ResourceSpace.

When uploading, you will first select the resource type you wish to create, then choose the metadata template that best describes those resources. From that template only the fields relevant to the chosen type will be applied.


To configure metadata templates you will need to first create a new resource type then set the below option in config.php, adding the id of the new type:


This type should also be configured as a data only resource type using the option:

$data_only_resource_types = array( );

You should also configure a separate title field for the metadata templates, this is the template identifier, separate from a resource title:


To create a new template you will need to use sequence edit then upload. Choose the new template resource type and complete the metadata as required.

Click Next and the template will be created as a data only resource.

To test the template, return to upload and select a resource type then choose the template from the selector. Now when you choose Next, you will be taken to upload a file as normal.

To prevent users from accidentally creating new templates, the template resource type can be hidden by managing user group permissions in the same way as any other, leaving the existing templates to choose from at upload.