Managing metadata

Getting the best possible Metadata into your system will make searching for resources faster, easier and more intuitive. Things to consider when deciding how to configure your metadata fields and options are:

  1. Is it descriptive - Does your metadata give relevant information about your resources? You will need to keep your metadata under review to ensure new options are added as your system evolves.
  2. Is it clear - If tags aren't logical your users won't be able to search effectively and won't get the best out of using ResourceSpace.
  3. Is it complete - Does it tell you everything you need to know in order to choose the best possible resources for your task? Ensure your contributors are completing all the information you need to have about the resources they are uploading, you can use required fields to help them to do this.

A strong metadata framework is invaluable in making sure your ResourceSpace works for you, so it's worth taking time to consider these aspects.