Managing Metadata

Getting the Metadata right will make searching for resources considerably easier and ensures that your resources are easy to access. Your Metadata should be:

  1. Descriptive - If keywords are vague, searches will need more data input to find useful resources, making the searching harder.
  2. Clear - If keywords aren't logical or understandable then you will get incorrect data or none of your users actually making use of it to search by. Thereby making it redundant.
  3. Relevant - Metadata should be relevant to the resource it is describing.
  4. Easy to Add - If an upload form is a daunting page with a hundred options, users won't bother filling it all out. A one minute form is a long form for someone uploading an entire photoshoot.

It is a hard balance to ensure your metadata is accurate and easy to work with but it is important that you take the time to get it right. Usually that is an ongoing process requiring time to investigate, make changes and listen to your users.