Indexing Metadata

A field that has been created and added to the system is not automatically searchable. This is to ensure that when you search within ResourceSpace, it is as efficient as possible by only searching desired fields. Once you have created your metadata field (See Create Metadata field), you can make it searchable by modifying the following options for that field:

  1. Index This Field- Set to "yes" if you need this field to be searchable. You will also be able to click the link shown next to the option to reindex this field, which is necessary if this field has had data entered prior to this option being set.
  2. Shorthand Name - Unique name in lowercase with no spaces
Once these fields are set, your field is now searchable.

Extra Settings:

  • Partial Indexing - Allows searching and matching algorithms to check only parts of this field. This doesn't always work well with long detailed words as they may be part recognised to produce several words from a single word.
  • Display Field - Can hide a field but allow searching so that once set, can then be used to link resources without the data being seen or specifically searched by.
  • Enable Advanced Search - Allows this field to be shown in the advanced search
  • Enable Simple Search - Allows this field to be shown in the Simple Search bar, for fast access searching.
  • Use For Find Similar - The field is used to help users find similar resources. This will include options in the related resources search at the foot of the resource page.