Smart featured collections



Smart featured collections are an automated way of collating resources with a common theme. When new resources are uploaded with a smart featured collection option set in their metadata, they will automatically be added to that collection, making it easy for users to see when there is fresh material which may be of interest to them.

A smart featured collection is configured as a Global Field with its own options list, with each option a collection to fall under the broader theme of the smart featured collection.

Creating an example smart featured collection:

Step 1.

  1. Create a new metadata field (See Creating metadata fields for help)
  2. For this guide we can just call it 'Main Category'
  3. Set field type to 'Drop Down List'
  4. Add these options: Nature, Abstract, Architecture, Portrait, Macro, Closeup
  5. Set Shorthand name to something (for example): Cat01
  6. Set Smart featured collection name (Featured Collection Group displayname) to something, for example: Main Category
  7. Set 'index this field' to 'yes'

Step 2.

  1. Upload new, or re-edit existing resources.
  2. Set 'Main Category' to Abstract, Portrait or similar.
  3. On the featured collections page you should now have a whole new featured collection group called Main Category