Archiving Resources is a way of storing resources that have been popular to encourage use of other resources without deleting the popular resource. Users of the system won't be able to use these resources any longer but they can be retrieved if required at a later date. This is particularly useful if you have resources that have been used extensively for a marketing campaign but you no longer wish to use them as they have been so over-used. If you put them into the archive state, you can remove them from circulation to prevent excessive use and then after a suitable time, return them to the active status, allowing your great resource to be used again.

To Archive a resource:

  1. Browse to the resource you wish to archive
  2. Click "Edit" under resource tools
  3. Next to Status select "Archived" from the drop down list
  4. Click Save

You can search the archives by going to the following location:

Admin > Manage Resources > Manage Archive Resources > Search Archived Resources