Modifying Field Options

There are two ways to modify existing field options and which you use will likely depend on your permissions. One of the concepts of ResourceSpace is that resources are self contained and a single snapshot of a resource. This means that all their metadata is fixed in order to prevent future changes distorting the description of the asset when it was uploaded. When changing field options you need to consider whether you wish to update changes to existing resources or not. If you are just adding field options you don't need to worry.

If you do need to update existing resources, before you make the change, add all resources that will be affected to a collection. If the field is indexed, it is as easy as searching in advanced search for all resources with that option. Then, make the change to the field option via one of the following options. Once you have made your change, simply edit all on that collection and set the field value to the new field option.

System Setup

  1. Go to Admin > System > Manage metadata fields
  2. Select the field you wish to modify from the table
  3. In the next page click on the link "Manage options". You can add, remove or edit keywords.
  4. Hit Save

Editing Keywords

Values can be re-ordered by using the "Move up", "Move down" or "Move to" options. This will change the order that the values are displayed in drop down menus and when sorting. To use "Move to", press the "Move to" button and then enter the new index into the "Order by" column before pressing "Apply". This will reload the page to show the updated order.